A Quantitative Study on The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Teachers in Large Class Language Teaching Activities Based on Multivariate Statistics

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Yuchen Luo
Fen An


Asking questions is the most common teaching method used by teachers in activities, which runs through teaching activities from beginning to end and plays an important role in teaching activities. In this paper, the non-participatory observation method and the literature method are used to observe the teacher's questioning behavior in the language teaching activities of the large class, and it is found that the teacher has a large number of questions, the pre-preset of the question before the activity is insufficient and the quality is low, the type of question and the form of the question are single, the problem pointing object is not equal, and the waiting time is short. According to the current situation of teachers' questions, corresponding countermeasures are proposed to help teachers improve the status quo of questions, improve their ability to ask questions in language teaching activities, and better realize the value of questions in teaching activities.

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Luo, Y., & An, F. (2022). A Quantitative Study on The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Teachers in Large Class Language Teaching Activities Based on Multivariate Statistics. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 1(1), 01220101004. Retrieved from http://satursonpublishing.com/jrmma/article/view/a01220101004


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