Problems and Countermeasures in The Routine Education of Kindergarten Children

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Yuchen Luo
Jin Shen


 Life routine is one of the important contents of early childhood education, and early childhood is an important period to form good habits. Good life routine education is conducive to improving children's self-care ability, and help children to develop good living habits. Researchers use literature and observation methods of J garden life routine education work research, found that the purpose of life routine education is not comprehensive, not according to the development of children and need to adjust the rules, in the execution of life routine education pursuit of simple and efficient way, the subject of the evaluation is given priority to with others. After reviewing the relevant literature and making field visits, the researchers analyzed and described these problems. Based on the existing problems, teachers should clarify the purpose of education, create a good learning environment for children, adopt diversified education methods, help children improve their awareness of rules, advocate the diversification of evaluation subjects, strengthen children's awareness of rules, and promote children's physical and mental development.

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Luo, Y., & Shen, J. (2022). Problems and Countermeasures in The Routine Education of Kindergarten Children. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 1(2), 01220102005. Retrieved from


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