Design of Three-Dimensional Parking System Based on Crank Slider Mechanism

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Hang Yang
Jianhua Zhu
Yong Zhan
Shengtang Li
Jiangchuan Wang
Zhenhuan Ye
Yulan Wang
Qiang Zhang
Zhenglong Zhu
Changguo Yan
Juan Fu
Xu Zhang
Chunpeng Wang
Yongnian Mao


 The rapid increase in the number of cars has caused parking to become a major problem at present. The various parking facilities that have emerged are relatively large, occupy a large area, and are difficult to maintain. In order to solve this problem, a parking mechanism was designed to meet the parking needs of people in the community, that is, private parking space expansion and upgrading parking device, small private parking space expansion parking device is based on offset crank slider mechanism to realize the lifting of small passenger cars, just use the slider as the driving part and the crank as the driven part. The design mainly analyzes the stroke, pressure angle, force and other factors of the offset crank slider mechanism, and analyzes and determines the size of the rods of each mechanism through MATLAB data, SOLIDWORKS modeling and assembly. The mechanical device has a simple design and structure, and is easy to process, install and maintain. The power part is driven by a chain drive to drive the slider to move up and down to achieve the crank up and down, thereby raising or lowering the car disc, achieving the effect of safe and fast parking.

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Yang, H., Zhu, J., Zhan, Y., Li, S., Wang, J., Ye, Z., Wang, Y., Zhang, Q., Zhu, Z., Yan, C., Fu, J., Zhang, X., Wang, C., & Mao, Y. (2022). Design of Three-Dimensional Parking System Based on Crank Slider Mechanism. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 1(2), 01220102006. Retrieved from


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