Design and Implementation of a Home Intelligent Controller

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Nanqing Zhang
Zhenglong Zhu
Qiang Zhang
Xiaoyong Liu
Qing Li


In order to improve the high-power consumption and insufficient security of traditional home electric heaters, an Android-based electric heater intelligent controller was developed. The intelligent controller is composed of the controller body (referred to as the body) and the Android APP (referred to as the APP), the body can realize the manual adjustment of the electric heater, the temperature balance adjustment, etc., the APP can realize the scanning code automatic connection WIFI, remote control, and other functions. After testing, the controller can realize the energy saving and safety regulation of electric heating, and is a controller with good control effect, friendly and concise human-computer interaction, and potential promotion value.

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Zhang, N., Zhu, Z., Zhang, Q., Liu, X., & Li, Q. (2022). Design and Implementation of a Home Intelligent Controller. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 1(3), 01220103001. Retrieved from


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