Air Intakes Design of Aircraft

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Xue Jing
Qingjun Zeng
Yuankang Zhang
Jinhua Ling Hu
Hang Yang


 In recent years, due to the needs of the air inlet interior of the aircraft, this paper initially sets an improvement plan to carry out the internal design of the aircraft inlet in this paper. First, the method of the air intake of the aircraft or the material required for the interior was analyzed. Secondly, based on the different types of air intakes, another way to design the air intakes of the aircraft was carried out. Finally, a model of the internal structure is realized using 3D modeling software. The design results show that the air intake design of the aircraft we designed is suitable for the aircraft.

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Jing, X., Zeng, Q., Zhang, Y., Ling Hu, J., & Yang, H. (2022). Air Intakes Design of Aircraft. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 1(3), 01220103004. Retrieved from


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