Research on Fully Automatic and Efficient Environmentally Friendly Film Roll Tissue Packaging Equipment Based on Labview and PLC

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Zhenglong Zhu
Nanqing Zhang
Qiang Zhang
Dengqiu Ma
Hang Yang


 This paper analyzes the load, packaging film parameters, packaging process working parameters, driving parameters, system parameters and machine model of the fully automatic environmental protection film roll toilet paper packaging equipment with a production efficiency of 220PPM. The bore, rod meridian, speed parameters and electrical control schematic diagram of each cylinder of the pneumatic system are analyzed; The PLC control program, LabVIEW parameter setting and process monitoring interface were analyzed.

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Zhu, Z., Zhang, N., Zhang, Q., Ma, D., & Yang, H. (2022). Research on Fully Automatic and Efficient Environmentally Friendly Film Roll Tissue Packaging Equipment Based on Labview and PLC. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 1(3), 01220103005. Retrieved from


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