Research on Chili Pepper Recognition and Localization Method Based on Binocular Vision

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Yanqing Wang
Zhenhuan Ye
Zhenglong Zhu
Maoyin Tang
Meiling Wei
Huan Xu


 In this paper, the collected images are preprocessed by grayscale, image segmentation, binarization, etc., and then the parameters of the camera and the four types of coordinate transformation are analyzed by calibrating the camera, and then the AlexNet network and transfer learning pair are used The pepper was identified, and the correct rate of 90% was obtained, and the loss function was trained by cross-entropy with a loss value of 0.4, and finally the stereo matching and three-dimensional reconstruction were briefly introduced.

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Wang, Y., Ye, Z., Zhu, Z., Tang, M., Wei, M., & Xu, H. (2023). Research on Chili Pepper Recognition and Localization Method Based on Binocular Vision. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 2(2), 01230202001. Retrieved from


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