Design of Small Golden Egg Halogen Machine Based on Arduino

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Mengmei Yuan
Liangyou Song
Dengqiu Ma
Zhenhuan Ye
Gao Zhao


 In order to solve the traditional production method of halogen egg yolk taste dry, easy to choke people lead to hiccups ; it’s hard to taste after breaking the shell ; aiming at the problems of complex operation of large mechanical equipment, a small golden egg halogen machine based on arduino is designed according to the family demand and market situation in China. The machine is mainly composed of golden egg shaking mechanism, shell breaking mechanism, heating pot core and arduino control circuit. The arduino control board is used to realize the mutual cooperation between the agencies of the golden egg halogen egg machine. Using solidwroks three-dimensional modeling software to complete the three-dimensional modeling of egg machine.

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Yuan , M., Song , L., Ma , D., Ye, Z., & Zhao , G. (2023). Design of Small Golden Egg Halogen Machine Based on Arduino. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 2(3), 01230203002. Retrieved from


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